Source code for runnel.constants

from enum import Enum, unique

class Rebalance(str, Enum):
    JOIN = "join"
    LEAVE = "leave"
    DEAD = "dead"

    def message(self, **kwargs):
        return dict(reason=self.value, **kwargs)

[docs]@unique class ExceptionPolicy(str, Enum): """ An enum specifying how to handle exceptions raised in the user-provided processor coroutine. * ``HALT``: Raise the exception, halting execution of the affected partition. * ``QUARANTINE``: Mark the affected partition as poisoned, and continue with others. * ``IGNORE``: Suppress the exception and continue processing regardless. Examples -------- >>> @app.processor(orders, exception_policy=ExceptionPolicy.HALT) ... async def printer(events): ... async for order in events.records(): ... print(order.amount) """ HALT = "halt" QUARANTINE = "quarantine" IGNORE = "ignore"